9 Best Routines For Doing Pilates At Home

I’m always searching for great workouts to add to my collection for when I want to get fit, but don’t have time to hit the gym.

We all live busy lives, and sometimes the thought of fighting traffic to get to the gym is enough to snuff out my workout plans.

That’s why I love these routines which are perfect for doing pilates at home.

Mat pilates is such a killer workout, and almost every move can be done with just your bodyweight.  

Can’t make it to the gym or to a class?  Never fear, here are 9 great routines for doing pilates at home.

Pilates Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

These simple moves are great for tackling the basics of Pilates.  These moves are simple and sweet, but they’ll fire up your core in ways you wouldn’t expect just from looking at them!

It’s all bodyweight focused, and the best part?  They can all be done on your mat in the comfort of your home.

Via Web Health Journal

Beach Body Pilates

This workout is just over 15 minutes long, and it’s basically a core and booty blaster.

This routine makes it easy to do pilates at home because all you really need is yourself.  These moves aim to tone and sculpt for the perfect pre-beach workout.

I like to throw this in at the end of my cardio sessions for a little toning action.

Via The Live Fit Girls

15 Minute Do Anywhere Pilates Sequence

I love this routine because it shows how effective using your bodyweight as resistance can be.  You don’t always need to use high weight dumbbells or machines at the gym.

Light 3 lb dumbbells combined with your body weight can be just as effective for toning.

Each move is super simple and, for the most part, only requires your body weight.  A couple of moves use resistance bands and low weight dumbbells for an added challenge.  

Don’t have a resistance band?  Here’s one designed especially for pilates use.

Via Greatist

At-Home Ab Sculpting Pilates Moves

This is the ultimate compilation of do-anywhere ab blasters.  Mix and match to create your own custom ab workout that you can do at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

Start with a minimum of 8 reps for each exercise and feel free to increase as needed.

Via Livestrong

No Equipment Pilates Moves To Strengthen Your Core

Pilates is all about the core, which is part of what makes it such an accessible workout for those trying to get fit at home.

This pilates at home workout is extensive with lots of core strengthening moves to get you sculpted, fit, and toned.

These moves will also work out your thighs and glutes.

Via Refinery 29

Pilates Bootcamp Total Body Toning

This total body Pilates routine is perfect for those who like to follow along.  The printable comes with a video to demonstrate the moves so it’s the perfect at home pilates workout for even beginners.

I like this routine because it uses some less commonly used poses so it keeps things interesting.

Via Blogilates

Total Body Pilates Workout

This is an amazing routine because not only does it include a workout printable, but it also breaks down how to do the poses with proper form.

It is accompanied by the 6 principles of Pilates so you can learn why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why the postures work.

There are only 7 poses, so you can mix and match along with other workouts.

Via Paleo Hacks

15 Minute Beginner’s Pilates

This 15 minute Pilates workout might be for beginners, but it will still make you break a sweat. I usually double it for a full-length workout, and there’s a video you can use to follow along for proper pacing.

Via Workout With Di

5 Minute Pilates Abs

This is the go-to pilates workout for when you actually have no time.  It’s only 5 minutes, so there’s no excuse not to do it.

Hey, 5 minutes is better than nothing at all.  You can do this ab workout as a standalone, in the morning for an energy boost, or tack it onto an existing workout.

Via The Live Fit Girls

Pilates is one of the best and most accessible workouts to do at home.  There’s no loud jumping, so your neighbors downstairs won’t have a fit, and it’s still an incredibly effective workout at toning and strengthening.

Can’t make it to the gym or to a class?  Never fear, here are 9 great routines for doing pilates at home. Mat pilates is such a killer workout, and almost every move can be done with just your bodyweight.

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