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9 Must-Have Hand Embroidery Supplies Every Embroiderer Needs

For a beginner, these hand embroidery supplies are must-haves that should be on your list – if you ever want to get started on embroidery that is!

Apart from learning all you can with the various stitches, it is imperative that you also understand which and how to use these embroidery supplies. Getting just the right thread or needle can make a great big difference in your final project.


The most basic supply for hand embroidery is the needle. There are different types of needles for different kinds of embroideries. The type of needle you choose for your embroidery project depends on what type of embroidery you’re doing, but for those who embroider a lot, there are five categories of needles that you should have on hand.

Via Needle ‘n Thread

Needles - hand embroidery supplies


Choosing the right fabric for hand embroidery is a vital part of ensuring your finished piece turns out. Like a canvas is to a painter, the fabric is the foundation for hand embroidery work. It’s important to choose a fabric that supports the weight and style of stitches.

Via Craftsy

Fabrics - hand embroidery supplies

Embroidery Threads

Threads for embroidery are available in a wide range of fibers, colors, types, and weights. Your choice of threads will depend on the type of fabric used, the fabric thread count, and the type of embroidery you are stitching.

There are very few hard-fast rules when it comes to selecting embroidery thread. Use the type of thread or weight that looks best, or has the effect you want to achieve in your project. Experimentation is often the best indicator of whether or not a thread will give you the desired look.

Via The Spruce

Embroidery Threads - hand embroidery supplies

Fabric Marking Tools

Marking tools are one of the most useful pieces of a sewing kit, and there are so many different kinds! The marks they make can show you where to cut, where to fold or where to stitch. They can make a permanent or temporary line, and they’re available in many different colors including yellow, blue, red, white and more. The secret to making your markers work for you is knowing which marker is the right one for your project. There is no such thing as the all-purpose perfect marker so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different uses of each kind.

Via Purl Soho

Fabric Marking Tools - hand embroidery supplies

Hoops & Frames

In order to avoid your embroidery work ending up with puckered fabric, the use of hoops or frames is necessary – to ensure even tension all throughout.

Via Nordic Needles

Hoops & Frames - hand embroidery supplies


When choosing scissors, the most important to consider is that they are sharp, comfortable to use, and thin that can get as close to the fabric as possible for a clean cut.

Via Happy Cactus Designs

Scissors - hand embroidery supplies

Thread/Floss Organizer

Even if you only occasionally do embroidery, you can very quickly acquire a large amount of floss. Organizing it so you can find the right color, keeping it tangle free, as well as keeping stock of how much you have on hand is a necessity.

Via Craft Storage Ideas

Thread Floss Organizer - hand embroidery supplies


Generally, any task that requires additional strength for a thread will benefit from using beeswax. It ensures the durability of a finished garment and makes many hand-sewing tasks easier to execute.

Via Burda Style

Beeswax - hand embroidery supplies

Needle Threader

A needle threader is a device for helping to put thread through the eye of a needle. Many types of this low-tech device exist but the most common consists of a diamond-shaped thin and flexible wire attached to a coin-shaped metal, plastic or wooden handle.

Via The Spruce

Needle Threader - hand embroidery supplies

Do you already have these must-have hand embroidery supplies in your sewing kit? Which do you think is the most helpful tool you’ve used that’s not on the list? We’d love to know about it!

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