10 Simple Double Knitting Projects

Every serious knitter should have at least one double knitting project in their agenda. Not only is this knitting technique unique, it's also a great way to further enhance your knitting skills.

Double knit may look complicated, but once you’ve got the hang of it – you’ll see that it’s not really the case.

To get you started on your double knitting journey, here are 10 simple double knitting projects you can start with. From here, you can branch out to other types of knitted items with all sorts of patterns.

If you're interested in getting the foundations down pat first before you jump into double knitting, check out the professionally filmed Learn to Knit class that will take your knitting skills to the next level.

Floral Cowl

This double-knit cowl boasts of blue and whites inspired by that delicate china your grandmother used to bring out for tea!

Via Fitzbirch Crafts

Floral Cowl - double knitting projects

Striped & Spotted Scarf

This colorful and warm double knit scarf is comprised of two layers, each having the same striped and spotted design but in reverse colors.

Via Ravelry

Striped & Spotted Scarf - double knitting projects

Knitty Kitty Beanie

With this hat, show your love for your feline friends while keeping warm. The colorwork makes for a great project that doesn’t get as boring as a traditional stockinette stitch hat. This hat is double-knit in the round, so there’s a fair amount of experience required, especially to get started.

Via Crooked Crafts

Knitty Kitty Beanie - double knitting projects

Musical Knit Scarf Pattern

This double knit musical scarf is in two colors and shows music notes for the song ‘Hey Jude’. Cool!

Via Ravelry

Musical Scarf - double knitting projects

Heart Hot Pad

A lovely hot pad with reversible heart design. Just the right amount of thickness to keep your hands

from getting burned.

Via Knitting Help

Heart Hot Pad - double knitting projects

Ski Cap

A reversible knit ski cap for the winter months and excellent for winter sporting.

Via The Blue Blog Patterns

Ski Cap - double knitting projects

Gingham Knit Neck Warmer

A super chic (and completely reversible!) knit neck warmer that will keep you toasty and fashionable at the same time!

Via The Craft Queen

Gingham Neck Warmer - double knitting projects

Weeping Willow Knit Hat Pattern

With vertical lines branching from the decreases at the crown, this double knit hat is reminiscent of the hanging branches and leaves of weeping willow trees.

Via Knitty

Weeping Willow Hat - double knitting projects

Pi Digits Knit Scarf

The cool combination of crafty and nerdy creates this awesome Pi Scarf!

Via Ravelry

Pi Digits Scarf - double knitting projects

Snowflakes Scarf

A lovely double knit scarf with timely snowflakes that looks great in contrasting colors whichever side you look at it.

Via Colours of the Cloud

Snowflakes Scarf - double knitting projects

What did you think of double knitting? Was it as complicated and difficult to work with as any other knitting technique? We have faith in you and know that there's a knitting pattern above that is perfect for you to learn how to double knit.

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To get you started on your double knitting journey, here are 10 simple double knitting projects you can start with. #knitting #doubleknitting #knittingpatterns #knittingguru
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