15 Quick Crochet Projects that Will Inspire You to Crochet Again

15 Quick Crochet Projects that Will Inspire You to Crochet Again

Did you for some reason or another just stopped crocheting? Maybe life just caught up with you and the hook just had to take a backseat. Or, maybe you’ve taken ill and just can’t physically take on any projects. Whatever reason it might have been, starting a crochet project might be a little scary for some – which is why starting off with quick crochet projects is the best way to go.

These easy crochet projects are perfect for those who want to get reacquainted with crocheting but don’t want to be burdened with a huge or difficult crochet project.

You’ll want to restart your crochet journey with something that won’t overwhelm and instead encourage you to create more.

The Bixby Crochet Cowl

This free crochet cowl pattern uses the herringbone double crochet stitch to create a deliciously chunky scarf with a modern look!

Via Make & Do Crew

The Bixby Crochet Cowl - quick crochet projects

Twist Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

This Twist ear warmer crochet pattern works up in less than one hour and would make a great item for last minute gifts or craft fairs. Any light worsted weight yarn should work.

Via Crochet Dreamz

Twist Ear Warmer - quick crochet projects

Elizabeth Stitch Crochet Boot Cuff

These boot cuffs are very quick to make, taking only an hour or two. They are the perfect accessory to go with a pair of jeans and your favorite boots.

Via Dabbles & Babbles

Elizabeth Stitch Crochet Boot Cuff - quick crochet projects

Cotton Face Scrubbies

If you wash the scrubbies before using them, they’ll get super, super soft… be sure to make a bunch of crochet face scrubbies so you can use them every day or to give away to all your friends!

Via You Should Craft

Cotton Face Scrubbies - quick crochet projects

Towel Holder

What’s nice about these towel holders is that they are separate from the towels. You slip a towel through the elastic ring to easily remove a towel to wash or switch to a different one.

Via Delights-Gems

Towel Holder - quick crochet projects

Quick and Thick Crochet Swiffer Sweeper Cover

It is a washable and reusable cover that will fit over Swiffer sweepers. Made with Bernat Blanket Yarn, this pattern can be made up easily in under an hour once you get the loop stitch down! You can wash this without worrying about shrinking, and the little loops do a nice job of catching hair and dust bunnies.

Via Left in Knots

Quick and Thick Sweeper Cover - quick crochet projects

Coffee Sleeve Crochet Pattern

Keep your hands protected with this coffee sleeve. This quick and easy crochet pattern is great for using up small amounts of yarn you have. These are always great for gifts too!

Via Mary Jane’s Mary Janes

Coffee Sleeve - quick crochet projects

All Tied Up Headband

The All Tied Up Crochet Headband is perfect for Spring and Summer and screams boho vibes! It works up quickly and makes great gift! Work it up in any colors you like! Even more so, it can be worn several different ways. Hair in a bun, all tied up in the front or in the back. Hair down, all tied up in the front or the back. Four different ways to wear one thing? YES!

Via Katie’s Crochet

All Tied Up Headband - quick crochet projects

Simple Pencil Pouch

This Simple Crochet Pencil Pouch Pattern is a great pattern for beginning crocheters. Make a cute little pouch to hold pencils or whatever you want!

Via Persia Lou

Simple Pencil Pouch - quick crochet projects

Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy

This one cozy crochet pattern can fit any tablet, e-reader, or smartphone, even a laptop! Because it’s the easiest pattern to customize. Ever. Really! The only math is counting to two!

Via Moogly

Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy - quick crochet projects

Funky Chunky Necklace

Using only chain stitch it is the easiest crochet necklace pattern ever and you can knock up a beauty in around 10 minutes! You could customise this crochet necklace pattern in all sorts of ways – make a much longer one with more stitches and loop it around a few times. Add fringing or thread some colored feathers to make a feathery fringe, or maybe add some chunky beads… so many options!

Via SewandSo

Funky Chunky Necklace - quick crochet projects

Puffy Bath Pouf Crochet Pattern

Cotton yarn is best for this project. This quick and easy crochet project is perfect for your well-deserved spa day!

Via The Stitchin’ Mommy

Puffy Bath Pouf - quick crochet projects

Wanderlust Crochet Scarf

Stay extra warm and cozy on any adventures you have with the Wanderlust scarf! There are some differences in the way this scarf is worked (rows), compared to a hat which is worked in the round.

Via Kristen Holloway Designs

Wanderlust Scarf - quick crochet projects

Simple Crochet Basket Pattern

This basic crochet pattern is great for beginners and is the basis for so many other types of crochet projects so it’s great to learn. The clothesline is a little tricky at first, but it creates a cool look and works up so quickly!

Via Melanie Ham

Simple Basket - quick crochet projects

Parker Crochet Newborn Hat

The crochet stitch pattern is simple and will match with anything – but with a tad bit more interest than a basic hat.

Via Sewrella

Parker Crochet Newborn Hat - quick crochet projects

Did you find inspiration to create bigger and more challenging projects with these quick crochet projects? What kinds of crochet creations have you finished lately? If you’re still looking for a quick and easy crochet pattern to get you back in the groove, pick out one of these great patterns above.

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15 quick crochet projects

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