12 Of The Best Income Reports You Can Find

Ever wanted to start a blog?  One of the most common barriers to taking the plunge is money.

I know it was for me.  I wondered, can my blog actually make me money?

The good news is we’ve experienced a bit of a blogging revolution. That means blogging can be incredibly profitable.  

The most successful blogs out there pull in over a million dollars a year in revenue.

That number might sound unreachable. But successful bloggers are earning anywhere from $500 dollars to over $100,000 dollars per month from their blogs.

Each blogger who has successfully monetized their blog started from somewhere.  And we know how intimidating starting a blog can be.

That’s why we rounded up 12 Of The Best Income Reports You Can Find to give you a little inspiration.  See what other successful bloggers did and turn your blog into the money maker it’s meant to be!

$176,649.93 in one month via Pat at Smart Passive Income

Pat’s income statements are definitely impressive, and the best part is he shows you exactly where those earnings are coming from.  Most of his income comes from affiliates.  Plus, he breaks down his expenses too.  He posts monthly income reports so you can see how his income grows and fluctuates.  

$139,233 in one month via Michelle at Making Sense of Cents

Michelle runs a personal finance blog, so she’s kind of an expert.  She has some of our favorite income reports ever.  That’s because it’s great to see how much her blog has grown over time.  Like Pat, Michelle posts monthly income reports.  This particular income report is awesome.  Why?  Because it is Michelle’s highest earning month to date. Michelle’s reports are a great source of inspiration because you can see her growth from around $3000 a month to over $100k.

Check out her income breakdown.  About half of Michelle’s income comes from affiliates.  The other half comes from sponsorship and sales of her course.

$9,997 in one month via Lena at What Mommy Does

Lena runs a family oriented lifestyle blog, but she also has tons of finance experience.  She’s a licensed CPA, and her income reports prove it.  Lena doesn’t post income reports every month.  She’s a self-proclaimed procrastinator.  But the reason we love her income reports so much is because she’s so detailed about where her money came from.  She’s very specific about what she promoted and how she did it.

Most of her money in this report comes from ads and sales from her e-book.  You can check out more of her specifics here.  

$27,453 in one month via Holly at Club Thrifty

Holly doesn’t post her income reports anymore, but when she did, she made over $20k on average per month.  She’s a personal finance expert, and she definitely applies her expertise.  You can browse her past reports to see how her income has grown from $6k to almost $30k per month. We can only assume her income has probably increased since she stopped publishing her income reports.

Most of her income in this report comes from content creation and freelancing.  Read more about it here.

$283,680 in one month via Melyssa via Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is another finance guru who has created an uber successful blog.  

Her December 2016 income report shows that she earned her income from only 2 sources.  The amazing thing is over $250,000 of her total monthly income came from her E-course sales.  That’s just a testament to how successful a great digital product can be.  Her other source?  Affiliates.

Check out her monthly income reports here.

$13,963.05 in one month via Jenn at Love My Blog

Our favorite thing about Jenn’s income reports is that she posts visual examples of posts and activity she used to earn income.  Jenn also includes some expert tips in her reports, so they’re definitely worth a read.  She provides a detailed breakdown of her income and expenses. Plus, she explains what worked for her each month and what didn’t.  

$7,158.11 in one month via Jeff and Ben at Breaking The One Percent

This report particularly caught our eye?  Why?  It’s Jeff and Ben’s first ever published income report.  Their report is really inspiring and they detail how their blog made no income at all from January 2015 to April 2016.  Their December 2017 income was $5k less than their January 2017 income.  

It’s awesome to see how far they’ve come and that their blog is now comfortably making money.  

Most of their income comes from affiliates.  It will be interesting to see how their income grows with future income reports.

$24,098 in one month via Alex and Lauren at Create And Go

A vast majority of the income reports floating around the internet are from finance bloggers, or bloggers with finance backgrounds.  What’s particularly different and awesome about Alex and Lauren’s report?

It’s for a blog in the health and wellness niche.

This is a great report to show non-finance bloggers that monetizing a blog in a different niche is totally possible.  They provide income proof, and almost all of their income (over $23k) came from product sales.

$39,000 in one month via Rosemarie at The Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie’s income report is fascinating because it shows that page views don’t necessarily correlate positively with income.  In this month, her page views decreased but her income actually increased by over $29k!  

How did she do it?  An enormous affiliate sale.  She mentions that’s not the norm, but she averages in the $20k-$30k per month range.  Check out how she maintains her monthly blog income.  She breaks each report down by what worked plus her goals for each month.

$32,971.75 in one month via Lindsay and Bjork at Pinch Of  Yum

This is another great blog report to take a look at if you’re outside of the personal finance realm.  Lindsay and Bjork run one of the most successful food blogs out there. That’s definitely reflected in their income reports each month.

They’re very diligent about posting monthly reports.  They also emphasize that their earnings have grown slowly over time.  Their blog is around 7 years old, so they have a really good handle on what works and what doesn’t month to month.

In this report, most of their income comes from sponsored posts.  Check out their breakdown here.

$3,297 in one month via Ashli at the Million Dollar Mama

Ashli’s income report is awesome because the number might feel a little more doable for those just starting out with their blogs.  Even though you shouldn’t limit your goals, sometimes it’s easier to set a goal of earning say $3k per month at first instead of jumping straight to $30k or $100k.  

Ashli also has a great goal of earning $10k per month by the end of 2017, so her income reports are great ones to watch.  She’ll be trying to grow her blog and income, so you can learn from what works and doesn’t work from here in real time.

Most of her income comes from affiliates, but she also earns from ads.

$16,382.91 in one month via Regina at by Regina

Regina doesn’t post income reports anymore.  But her old ones are full of great tips, insight, and breakdowns.  This particular one is super detailed.  Plus, she links some helpful resources for tracking blog traffic.  She also gives advice on launching a live program.

Most of her income comes from classes, products, and affiliates.

There you have it.  If you’ve been wanting to start a blog, this is proof that there’s nothing stopping you.  

I know income reports were one of the biggest things that helped me realize that my blogging goals were possible.  

If you’re wondering whether you can actually earn a living from blogging, this is the answer.  These are the step by step breakdowns by real profitable bloggers.

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