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19 Of The Best Jewelry Ideas You Need To Make

Jewelry-making is one of those hobbies that can be quite rewarding – once you get the hang of things. There are so many different techniques to learn that you can pick and choose ones that you are comfortable with and thoroughly enjoy. Which is why looking at different jewelry ideas in magazines, shops and online can be very helpful.

In order to help you further, we’ve gathered here 19 of the best jewelry ideas, we think you should make – at least once. You’ll never know, you just might be next jewelry designer in the making!

Braided Swarovski Drop Earrings

These earrings are made of large Swarovski jewelry cut crystals that are fused with beads.

Via Live Master

Braided Swarovski Drop Earrings - jewelry ideas

Glitter Necklace

Most girls love anything with a bit of a shimmer and shine. That’s why it’s important that we know how to make sparkly things rather than spend a fortune on it!

Via Clumsy Crafter

Glitter Necklace - jewelry ideas

Tree of Life Multi-Strand Bracelet

You’ll love wearing this bracelet featuring sterling silver link charms and a serene palette of deer hide leather! A tree of life silver charm link is the centerpiece, flanked by a smaller tree and an ohm symbol.

Via Nina Designs

Tree of Life Multi-Strand Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Leather Wrap Bracelet

As an alternative to the tedious and time-consuming version of weaving beads in and out with bead cord between and around two leather strings. Once you get the hang of the braiding rhythm you will see how quickly these bracelets are done and how beautifully they will turn out!

Via Poppytalk

Leather Wrap Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet

Originally made popular by jewelry designer Chan Luu, these beads, and leather wrap bracelets are still super trendy today.  It's easy to see why they remain popular. The design is simple but versatile. It has endless combinations by changing the color of the leather cord, varying the number of times it wraps around the wrist and, of course, the types and sizes of the beads.

Via The Spruce

Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Beaded Flower Ring

This is a flower ring that looks a lot like a petunia. You can add other colored beads in this creation or leave it as is.

Via NBeads

Beaded Flower Ring - jewelry ideas

Crystal Beaded Snowflake Earrings

Use this beaded snowflake pattern to make a cute pair of winter earrings, a pendant or a small ornament. A completed snowflake measures about 1 ½ inches in diameter.

Via The Spruce

Crystal Beaded Snowflake Earrings - jewelry ideas

Pearl Cluster Necklace

When worn, the ribbon is used to secure the necklace around the neck. Remember that matching bracelets can also be made using the same technique. For a different effect, try using glass beads, crystals or even a random mix of beads to give it a real charming unique style.

Via Smitten Kitten

Pearl Cluster Necklace - jewelry ideas

Sugar Bracelet

These sparkling sugar bracelets are so easy to make and perfect for adding some shimmer and shine to your outfits!

Via Beads Direct

Sugar Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Easy Braided Bracelets

These braided bracelets are so easy to make you can even pack the materials with you on a trip to the beach and make them right as you enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean!

Via I Always Pick the Thimble

Easy Braided Bracelets - jewelry ideas

Lashed Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet

Making wrapped bracelets just got easier because this simple lashing technique takes just minutes to learn.  You can combine leather cord with rhinestone chain for a sophisticated style or use ball chain and leather for an industrial look.

Via Rings & Things

Lashed Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Tree of Life Pendant

How to make a pendant Tree of life with your own hands from copper wire in Wire Wrapping technique. The tree of life will be “planted” on the cabochon.

Via Rukodel

Tree of Life Pendant - jewelry ideas

Byzantine Chain Bracelet

If you want to learn how to make jewelry, the Byzantine Chainmaille Weave Bracelet is a wonderful place to start. Also sometimes called a “Birdcage Bracelet,” this Byzantine Chainmaille Weave is far easier to make than it looks, and is a style that can be incorporated into necklaces, earrings, and all other manner of jewelry projects.

Via DIY Projects

Byzantine Chain Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet

If you’re a beginner in jewelry making, this might be the perfect project for you to start.

Via Happy Hour Projects

Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Woven Wire Rings

These creations may take some getting used to, especially if you are not particularly familiar with weaving wires.

Via Instructables

Woven Wire Rings - jewelry ideas

Colorized Resin in Open Hoops Pendants

Creating pendants with colorized Nunn Design Resin and Open Hoops is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make some statement jewelry pieces. Adding a splash of additional color with mica powders and flakes will create a one of a kind pendant.

Via Nunn Design

Colorized Resin in Open Hoops Pendants - jewelry ideas

Pastelito Necklace

With practice, you can crochet while you are watching TV which is true multitasking at its best. The Pastelito Necklace is a super pretty design that is easy to make and enjoyable to wear!

Via DIY Real

Pastelito Necklace - jewelry ideas

Statement Embroidery Threads Necklace

Get ready to never look at embroidery threads in the same way again. Embroidery threads are not just for stitching and sewing – they have the potential to become statement necklaces using just a few techniques!

Via Mollie Makes

Statement Embroidery Threads Necklace - jewelry ideas

Anthro Knockoff Fori Bracelet

Ok – so this is really more of an “inspiration” than a “knock-off”. This version is kind of fun and vintagey looking!

Via Flamingo Toes

Anthro Knockoff Fori Bracelet - jewelry ideas

Did you like these jewelry ideas? There are literally thousands of designs you can create with just these few inspirations.

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19 jewelry ideas

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