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22 Easy DIY Bracelets You Can Make In An Hour

Fashionistas know that the key to a put together wardrobe are accessories. But let’s face it, if you keep buying accessories, you’ll pretty much end up bankrupt. Which is why it pays to be a little crafty!

These easy DIY bracelets are just one of the many things you can create on your own that costs way less than those you can find in shops. Even for a beginner, these bracelets are a cinch to make.

Check out our list of 22 easy DIY bracelets and see how many you can make in an hour!

Painted Washer Bracelets

Making jewelry out of metal washers is not a new concept. There are a lot of great ideas out there and ways to go about it. These are kid-friendly instructions with no engraving techniques, spray painting or complicated clasps.

Via A Simple Slice of Life

Painted Washer Bracelets - easy DIY bracelets

Safety Pin Bracelet

The supplies are simple. The assembly is really pretty simple.  Layer the beads on the pin, enough beads so that the pin just barely closes.

Via redfly creations

Safety Pin Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Blue Stone Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for using beads or chips that have been in your life for a little too long!

Via Fall for DIY

Blue Stone Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Heart Friendship Bracelet

Using some candy-colored embroidery floss and your familiarity with the chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll be able to whip up one of these tokens of love in a heartbeat. This will be perfect for Valentine’s!

Via Honestly WTF

Heart Friendship Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Cc Skye-Inspired Two-Tone Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is incredibly easy to make. It’s a great beginner project, and while variations of it have definitely been done before on other DIY blogs, the gold and silver chains look great paired together.

Via The Stripe

Cc Skye-Inspired Two Tone Chain Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Beaded Tassel Bracelets

Make a playful, yet chic beaded tassel bracelet, that will perfect for your own personal arm candy.

Via Swellmayde

Beaded Tassel Bracelets - easy DIY bracelets

Morse Code Bracelets

Inspired by seed bead bracelets and morse code jewelry, these mini seed bead bracelets, each is encoded with secret little messages. Because the Miyuki Delica seed beads are super tiny, you’ll need a wire beading needle to help you string the beads onto the embroidery floss.

Via Honestly WTF

Morse Code Bracelets - easy DIY bracelets

Anchor Bracelet

Anchors are cute because of their simplicity and vintage inspiration. This bracelet showcases an anchor with a pop of color that is great for layering.

Via Legendary Beads

Anchor Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Rope Bracelet

Inspired by the Rope Hawley Bracelet at the Anthropologie store. Here’s a cute similar and prettier version for a fraction of the cost!

Via Made in a Day

Rope Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Constellation Cuffs

The perfect personalized bangles for you or a friend, representing the constellation that represents who you are. Zodiac star map charms are a wonderful, shiny addition to these braided beauties, and the dreamy cosmic colors will have you feeling like a space queen.

Via Nina Designs

Constellation Cuffs - easy DIY bracelets

Eclectic Braided Bracelet

These could easily be created for any color scheme with the addition of a strip of fabric or some ribbon! You can use a number of different materials in monochromatic or coordinating colors.

Via The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Eclectic Braided Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Braided Four Strand Bracelet

If working with four strands become too hard for you, you can do it in three strands. Add a pop of different color – as the gold chain was added here.

Via The Cheese Thief

Braided Four Strand Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Vinyl & Hardware Bracelet

Vinyl tube bracelet with pipe coupling for the hardware. Loving the simplicity of this one. Plus, you can never go wrong with a dark gray extra-fine glitter.

Via Wild Amor

Vinyl & Hardware Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Galaxy Bracelet

This bracelet is fairly simple to complete once you get past the first 3 links.  Getting the chain to line up correctly can be a little frustrating but after those first few steps, it will come together quickly.

Via Loose Ends

Galaxy Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Sweater Bangle

Give new life to old knit sweaters that are dusting away to make a unique bangle.

Via A Little Bit of Sunshine

Sweater Bangle - easy DIY bracelets

Leather Cuff

This is the sort of cuff that goes with everything.  Easy and simple.  They make a great gift, too.

Via The Stripe

Leather Cuff - easy DIY bracelets

Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet

Inspired by Tory Burch double wrap logo bracelet, this DIY uses brass fasteners for the hardware.

Via thanks, I made it

Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Half Hitch Knot Bracelet

Go big and bright when you tie the knot with a stack of these bedazzled bracelets. A mix of vibrant paracord offers a bold, statement-sized twist to the traditional friendship bracelet; and the added sparkle of a few colorful gems will make your creation radiate fun all day long!

Via P.S. I made this…

Half Hitch Knot Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet

This basic ring bracelet has beads on a nylon thread as the middle piece. This particular design is relatively delicate and minimal, using small transparent rocailles beads with a turquoise center, but feel free to use any other color/shape you like.

Via Anuschka Rees

Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Your Name Bracelet

This lovely bracelet may look complicated but it only starts out with a pen and paper. Draw the words or image you want without passing the same point twice – copy this with your metal wires and you’re all set!

Via Chocolate & Craft

Your Name Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Studded Bangles

If you love affordable accessories, you likely have a set of scratched-up bangles kicking around your jewelry box. Time to transform them into brand new bracelets – all you need is a handful of studs and your trusty needle-nose pliers.

Via Brit + Co

Studded Bangles - easy DIY bracelets

Braided Clay Bracelet

It’s such a fun material to work with because if you mess up… you just mash it all up and start again. Have a little wrist party and make as many as you want!

Via Delighted Momma

Braided Clay Bracelet - easy DIY bracelets

Can you picture yourself and various wardrobes that would go great with these easy DIY bracelets? I bet there are a more than a couple that you’d want to make in this list – they are so pretty!

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22 easy diy bracelets

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