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24 Favorite Pinwheel Quilt Patterns For Quilting Enthusiasts

Are you one of those who just love pinwheel quilt patterns? For a true quilting enthusiast, using pinwheels in their quilting projects at least once is a must!

If you think there is only one way of making pinwheels in your quilting projects, then this post is for you. You’ll see in these 24 favorite pinwheel quilt patterns that there is a whole host of ways to create your pinwheel.

The projects or quilting blocks range from easy to intermediate – but definitely worth the try.

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

This pinwheel quilt project looks so fresh with the pretty floral fabrics. Prairie points at the border add a nice tactile element.

Via Moda Bakeshop

Pinwheel Baby Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Navy and White Pinwheel Quilt

The classic navy and white colors make this pinwheel quilt a minimalist look. With just a few nicely placed pinwheel crosses, a lovely tiled design comes out.

Via Tea Rose Home

Navy and White Pinwheel Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

4-Patch Pinwheel Quilt

Once you get the preferred half-square triangles method down, you'll be able to whip of perfectly pointed pinwheel quilt blocks in no time flat.

Via Bluprint

Summer Pinwheel Quilt

This is a super simple summer pinwheel quilt. It's a breeze to make and uses prints of fabric and a 10″ stacker (10″ stacker is a package of pre cut fabric all cut into 10″ squares).

Via Polkadot Chair

Willy Nilly Pinwheels Quilt

Take batik scraps to piece small and large pinwheel quilt blocks, and add strip sets to make this cute throw-sized quilt in a riot of colors. It’s a great way to use up your batik scraps without much waste. If you aren’t a fan of using batiks in your quilts, you could easily change the whole aesthetic of this quilt – just by changing up your fabric choices! Dig deep into your fabric stash and find the perfect fabric for this quilt – we promise you this is a quilt you won’t be sorry you made!

Via Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting

Willy Nilly Pinwheels Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Prairie Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Made with pinwheel and snowball blocks, this generously-sized baby quilt is accented by prairie points and a sweet checked border.

Via The Cloth Parcel

Prairie Pinwheel Baby Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Fourth of July Pinwheel Quilt

This quilt is made up of 20 pinwheel blocks and stipple quilted. The solids are Robert Kaufmann Kona, the backing is a gray batik and the binding is a red and white chevron.

Via Kaesey

Fourth of July Pinwheel Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Pinwheel Star Quilt Block

Combine a pinwheel and star block and you have this lovely pinwheel star quilt block. It’s then up to you to put together a star-studded quilt that could perfectly work for the holidays or some other star/pinwheel-themed occasion.

Via The Crafty Quilter

Pinwheel Star Quilt Block - pinwheel quilt patterns

Baby Wyatt’s Pinwheel Quilt

What’s great about this particular pinwheel pattern is that you don’t have center points to worry about. It may have a little extra trimming, but that just makes it easier to square up.

Via Leslie Unfinished

Baby Wyatt’s Pinwheel Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt

This sampler has 12 blocks in it, all of them made from a pinwheel block cut into a 9-patch block and rearranged to obtain 11 different blocks. More variations are possible.

Via Sewn Up

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Wonky Pinwheels or Whirligigs Quilt

This is not the traditional looking pinwheels that usually see, but the blocks work and even create a double pinwheel with the plain patches.

Via Strandz

Wonky Pinwheels or Whirligigs Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Vintage Modern Pinwheels Quilt

Although the ‘pinwheels’ do kind of look more star-like than pinwheel-like. To highlight the pinwheels, add a hand quilting inside them with some Perle cotton with a nice chunky stitch.

Via Moda Bakeshop

Vintage Modern Pinwheels Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Square Dance Quilt

A small quilt based on the technique in the book ‘Square Dance' by Martha Thompson. Happy and bright!

Via ForestJane Designs

Square Dance Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Double Pinwheel String Quilt

This quilt is not just a string quilt. It's a pinwheel string quilt. In fact, it's a double pinwheel string quilt! Do you see the bigger pinwheel? This would be a great stash buster, too.

Via The Way I Sew It

Double Pinwheel String Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Prairie Points Pinwheel Textured Quilt  Block

Each block is made out of a center 5 inch square featuring some fabric texture such as pintucks, smocking, shirring and the like. Then a 3 1/2 wide border encloses each center square. The color scheme is red and white/cream alternating reds and white/cream for the center square and border. Some of the textures show better on plain colors than on heavily patterned fabric.

Via Sewn Up

Prairie Points Pinwheel Textured Quilt Block - pinwheel quilt patterns

Lucky Pieces Quilt Block

The Lucky Pieces quilt block was first seen in The Nancy Page Quilt Club, a syndicated column written by Florence LaGanke Harris which appeared in mail order magazines in the 1920’s to the 1930’s. The Lucky Pieces quilt block can look different depending on how you lay out your colors – this, in particular, creates that pinwheel at the center.

Via Fresh Lemons Quilts

Lucky Pieces Quilt Block - pinwheel quilt patterns

Triple Framed Pinwheel

The finished block is 12″ square or 16″ square with the two rounds of sashing.

Via Lily’s Quilts

Triple Framed Pinwheel - pinwheel quilt patterns

Flying Geese Pinwheel Block

No bias exposed, no triangles. Just squares and rectangles. This creative quilt block combines both flying geese quilt patterns and pinwheel quilt patterns to make geometric quilt patterns that seem to have a pinwheel at the center of a more traditional arrangement of flying geese.

Via Sew Happy Geek

Flying Geese Pinwheel Block - pinwheel quilt patterns

Jolly Pinwheels Quilt

The finished quilt measures 57” x 63.”  It was fun to work with a precut that fell between the charm pack and the layer cake. The Jolly Pinwheels pattern shows a fast and easy way to make the half square triangles (used on the top and bottom borders) at the same time you’re making the blocks.  

Via A Bright Corner

Jolly Pinwheels Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Patches & Pinwheels Quilt

This quilt is a combination of a patches and pinwheel block. The pinwheels change direction in this quilt every other row! So when assembling this quilt, go one row at a time to check that the pinwheels are turning in the right direction.

Via Quiltville’s Quips & Snips

Patches & Pinwheels Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Wind Sail Mini Quilt

This Wind Sail Mini Quilt Pattern mixes both traditional piecing and paper piecing and uses a classic pinwheel design that's been a favorite with quilters for decades.

Via Craftsy

Wind Sail Mini Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

St. Patty's Day Pinwheels Mini Quilt

This beautiful pinwheel mini quilt is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The blocks come together easily, and since there are only nine of them, it didn't take too long to stitch them all up!   The great thing about this fun mini quilt, is that you could use this as a cute table topper in your kitchen, or you can hang it on the wall or from a cute shelf, and it would look so cute and festive!

Via Fort Worth Fabric Studio

St. Patty's Day Pinwheels Mini Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Easy Pinwheels Quilt

This tutorial is for making a small pinwheel out of charm squares and a shortcut on making easy pinwheels. Eliminating the need to make each half square triangle (HST) individually.

Via Modern Handicraft

Easy Pinwheels Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Spinning or Spiraling Quilt

For this quilt, you will need 31 Fat Fat Quarters. It looks great in Christmas fabrics but it would also look great in about anything else. Measuring at 56″ x 84″ it is perfect for snuggling up with in front of a cozy fire!!

Via Happy Quilting

Spinning or Spiraling Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

County Fair Quilt

This is a one-block design full of life and movement, an effect of the multiple colorways used. Try mixing batiks and prints to create depth and interest in the blocks.

Via McCall’s Quilting

County Fair Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

Easy Pinwheel Mini Quilt

This is a quick pinwheel-type block if you want to make lots of blocks and create a bigger version of this look too.

Via Diary of a Quilter

Easy Pinwheel Mini Quilt - pinwheel quilt patterns

What do you think of these fabulous pinwheel quilt patterns? Have you done one in your own projects?

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