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10 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

You probably know that having steady traffic is crucial to the success of your blog.  After all, your blog can’t grow if no one’s visiting your page or sharing your posts.

But we all have to start from somewhere. Sometimes, the hardest part is figuring out how to boost your blog traffic.

That’s why we found 10 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic to help increase those page views for maximum growth.

We’ve been in your shoes.  Just a few months ago, Ideal Me had only 1 average daily visitor.  We revamped our traffic strategy and now have boosted our traffic to nearly 4,000 average daily visitors!

That means more traffic, more sales, and more growth for our cool, little blog!  

Check out these 10 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic to start growing your blog too.


Pinterest is the place to be right now.  It is the number one driver of traffic for a number of blogs.

In fact, Pinterest helped Ideal Me go from 2 average daily clicks to 4,328 clicks.  That’s 4,328 clicks generated for free.

If you aren’t using Pinterest (gasp!) then you’re missing out on a huge potential traffic source.

Why?  Pinners are actively searching for exposure to content that is relevant to them.

Plus, a huge advantage to Pinterest is that it’s visual.

An eye-grabbing image alone can pull a reader in and drive them to your site.  That’s why it’s important to create pinnable images.

Check out our tips on how to get better blog photos here.

Plus, you can use keywords in your description to cater to your niche and appeal to your target viewers.

Via WonderLass

Grow Your Tribe  

The blogging community is vast, and it’s important to be constantly connecting with other bloggers in your niche.

You can learn lots of valuable information and tips from networking with other bloggers. Plus, growing your network of fellow bloggers provides tons of opportunities to share each other’s content.

Knowing bloggers who are excited to share your content on their blogs means greater exposure to loyal followers.

Via Carrie Elle

Guest Posting

This is another advantage of connecting with other bloggers.  Guest

posting on a fellow blogger’s site is a great way to refer traffic back to your blog.

You want to make sure you choose blogs and content to share strategically.  It isn’t just about followers.  Search for blogs that also attract your target audience.  

Find blogs in your niche and think of how you can provide value to those readers.  A genuine, helpful post will generate traffic.  Don’t just submit any old post.  Be as helpful as you possibly can.  

The goal should always be to provide maximum value.  Offer a free printable or download in the post.

Some bloggers take open submissions for guest posts.  For others, just get out there and make connections.  Write a blogger an email with your post idea and outline exactly how you’ll provide value to his or her readers.

Via Making Sense of Cents

Make It Shareable

You want readers to share that awesome content you dedicated time to.  And chances are, when content is valuable, people want to share it.

That means you need to have share buttons.  You know those cute icons that let you share to Facebook, Pinterest, email, and other social media sites?

You need them. Make sure your share buttons are working and are easy to see and use.  People can’t share if you don’t give them the option!

Use share buttons on the side of the page as well as at the bottom of the post to increase sharing.

That also means producing great quality content that people will want to share.  

Good quality content will make readers want to pin, share, re-tweet, you name it.

Via Helene In Between

SEO & Keywords

It’s so important to optimize your posts for SEO.  

But there’s a difference between being conscious of using keywords in your post and writing for a search engine.  You’re writing for your readers, not for a search engine.

SEO is how your readers will find your awesome content.  A search engine identifies relevant content and ranks it based on relevance.

Get specific.  What is your blog post really about?  Then use ultra relevant keywords and phrases within your post.

For example, for a post about blogging, I wouldn’t use the keyword, “blogging.”  It’s too vague and there are a million posts about some facet of blogging on the internet.

Instead, I’d get specific about what the post is about and who it’s for.  Instead, I might use “blogging for moms,” or “how to start a mom blog.”

Pauline has some awesome beginner SEO tips.

Via Twelveskip

Write Longer Posts

It’s important to post consistently.  When you post new content on the regular, your blog becomes more relevant and trustworthy.

Plus, search engines recognize your site as one that updates content frequently, which can boost rankings.

But writing consistently shouldn’t come at the cost of quality.  If you’re only ever offering short posts to readers, you probably aren’t providing as much value as you could.

Sometimes, it’s great to be concise.  But there are a lot of topics that require way more length and detail to provide value to readers.

A new reader might not come back if they decide that your posts aren’t detailed or helpful enough.

Helpful posts aid in converting visitors into loyal readers.

Via XO Sarah


Roundups are a great way to increase pageviews and traffic because they tend to produce really popular blog posts.

A roundup is where you aggregate several different posts or projects that you think your readers will like in one big post.

We use roundups frequently at Ideal Me because we like to make it easier for you guys to find things that you’ll love!  That’s also why roundups are so popular.

For example, we knew our readers would love to learn some new crochet stitches.  So, we found 18 Easy Crochet Stitches You Can Use For Any Project.  

It’s one of our most popular posts.  It’s been repinned 88,263 times and has garnered 125,729 pageviews since January 13th.

People are also more likely to actually click on your post instead of just repin it because they’ll want to browse through the different content.

Via Blog Crazy

Build Your Email List

Nothing beats a loyal subscriber.  Readers who subscribe to your email did so because they want to hear from you.  

They’re also more likely to click on or share something you send them.  

Growing your email list helps build steady traffic to your site.  

To help grow your email list, have easy, visible opt-ins.  Offering a freebie in exchange for an email sign up is a great way to build your list.

Use a pop up or banner on your page where readers can enter their email addresses.  These are highly visible.  

Or make a fun quiz and offer the results only after a participant has entered their email address.  

Via Charlotte Laila

Upgrade Existing Content

Look back over old posts with fresh eyes.  Is there any way you can make them better?  

Go back through old posts and optimize for SEO.  Add in new keywords, or update titles to be recognized by SEO more easily.  

Update any old information in posts.  Did you add some stats that are way more stellar now?  

For example, we used stats in this post.  As our traffic grows, we’ll want to update them to keep things current.

Link other, new relevant posts to increase odds of someone clicking through your blog.  

Use Google Analytics to see which posts perform the best and which don’t.  See if there’s a way to update any low performing posts.

Revamping old posts is a great way to drive more traffic without having to write entirely new ones.
Via Melyssa Griffin

Join Social Media Groups

There are tons of social media groups out there dedicated to blog promotion.  Joining the right group can help connect you with a community of bloggers who care about sharing your content.  

This is a great way to use networking like we discussed above!

Pinterest has group boards that you can join to encourage sharing as well.  It’s important not to just join groups or boards blindly.

Choose groups that are in your niche or who have followers that are in your target group.

Erin lists her fav blogging groups in her post.  Check it out to get some inspiration.

Via For The Love Of Crust

There’s no big secret behind driving blog traffic. You just need the right combination of tools! Try out different combinations of strategies and constantly check your stats to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Our #1 recommendation to boost blog traffic is to make sure you’re using Pinterest!  It has been so monumental in Ideal Me’s growth.

And the best part is that traffic is 100% free.

10 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic.It's no big secret, just a set of strategic tools other bloggers have successfully used to explode their blog traffic.

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