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Pilates for Weight Loss: 10 Best Workouts

Pilates is one of my all-time favorite workouts!  But one question I get all the time is, what’s the difference between pilates and yoga?

They’re similar, but yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on spirituality, physical movement, balance, and strength.

Pilates was developed by an athlete, Joseph Pilates to focus on strengthening and rehabilitating muscles.  It’s a more structured workout that focuses heavily on core strength.

Yoga, by comparison, is more flexible in the nature of the practice.

Pilates is incredibly beneficial and it’s a fun workout that doesn’t feel like gym work.  It can also be great for toning, strengthening and weight loss.

Here are 10 workouts that show you how to use pilates for weight loss and overall fitness.

Lower Ab Pilates

When I first started doing Pilates, I was so surprised at how hard it worked my core.  You use your core in almost every single Pilates move, but when you’re feeling like a little ab blast is in the cards, this is a great workout to turn to.

Using pilates for weight loss is great because the focus on the core ensures that your body is strong and engaged to build muscle and burn fat.

It works the notoriously stubborn lower abs.  Don’t be fooled by the mat work. You might be lying down, but this workout will set your abs on fire.

Via The Live Fit Girls

Saddlebags Slimdown

Okay, so we all know you can’t spot target fat loss.  But you can work on building muscle that can help tone and strengthen.  

This workout is a quick 10 minutes—but expect to put in work.  You’ll definitely feel the burn in your hips and outer thighs.  Do the reps and repeat for a longer workout sesh, or follow along to the video demonstration.

Via Bloglovin’

30 Minute Bikini Workout

This workout is a definite total body pilates killer.  It works everything from your abs to your thighs and is a full 30 minute long workout.  

Follow along with the video.  The trainer keeps the humor light even when you’re 20 reps in and really feeling the burn.  

It’s fast paced to keep your heart rate up and the sweat pouring.

Via Popsugar

Intermediate Total Body Pilates Workout

This is a great upper body/core routine.  Your core will be engaged the whole time, and there are some pilates push ups thrown in there to fire up your triceps.  

This workout focuses on low reps, so depending on your fitness level, you may want to either cycle back through the whole workout for a longer session or increase your reps to work those muscles.

Via Paleo Hacks

20 Minute Barre Meets Pilates Workout

Flex your posture and your muscles in this hybrid workout.  You’ll pointe, plié, burn and tone all while combining barre exercises and pilates core moves for a workout that blasts fat without sacrificing fun.

Via Greatist

Pilates Ring Total Body Workout

This is a pilates circuit with individual circuits targeting your lower body, upper body, and abs for a complete body workout.

It uses a pilates ring to provide resistance to help strengthen and lengthen your muscles.  

So many pilates workouts use bodyweight exercises, but using a ring for resistance is great for when you need a little extra challenge.

Via In Fitness and In Health

20 Minute Crazy Strong Core Pilates Workout

This video workout uses mat pilates to fire up your core.

It combines planks and traditional core moves with standing pilates moves to hit every single area of your core.

It’s quick, effective, and proves that you don’t need crunches to get in tip top core shape.

Via Greatist

20 Minute Victoria’s Secret Workout Sculpting Pilates

Follow along with this workout from a Victoria’s Secret model trainer.  It combines pilates with plyometrics and cardio to get your heart racing.

And short and sweet, but it’s definitely intense!  Train like the pros with this pilates/cardio combo.

Via Popsugar

Pilates Ring Thigh Toner

A workout that works both the inner and outer thighs?  Plus the booty?  Sign me up.  

This workout is one of my absolute favorites.  The exercises don’t seem too intimidating but the high reps burn out your muscles and help firm and tone trouble spots.

Via The Live Fit Girls

Weight Loss Pilates

This was the very first pilates workout I ever did and it still, to this day, is my favorite one of all time.

It’s a whole hour long and is just as challenging as circuit training.  

You can break up the segments into 20-minute workouts or do the whole thing if you’re feeling brave.

This workout is incredible and it really helps teach you the fundamentals of pilates moves, instead of just focusing on burning calories.

Via Kristin Mcgee

Want more workout madness?  Check out the best yoga Youtube channels you should follow here.

Pilates is incredibly beneficial and it’s a fun workout that doesn’t feel like work. Here are 10 workouts that show you how to use pilates for weight loss.

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